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We are New Yorkers who know the pain points of trying to find solutions for New York living and working spaces that just don’t work. Whether you’re trying to take back sleep or keep distraction out so you can work more productively, we understand that meeting your goals while protecting the historical essence of the building you love is of the utmost importance.

Our team of experienced renovation specialists, combined with our expert window installers ensure that each job is done right, on time, and on budget. You have our promise that we operate with a philosophy of 100% transparency and welcome your feedback and comments. As far as we our concerned, the trust you show when you .invite us into your home or office will never be taken for granted.

Thanks for connecting with us at Alma’s Interior Solutions. We invite you to browse our site and look through our projects (link to projects), plus connect (link to contact us) with us if you have any questions or are looking for a quote. We’d love to make your home or office function better.



Original windows match the home’s aesthetic character and are difficult to replace – at least not without considerable expense. Our product provides thermal insulation and increases your home’s efficiency without construction and at a lesser cost.

Indow Window inserts have a unique patented Compression Tube which expands into the space between the custom cut acrylic panel and the window frame. 

Indow inserts are practically unnoticeable to the naked eye. They are frameless and composed of highly transparent acrylic glazing and practically disappear from sight. You will not be disappointed with the look.

While Indow Windows are of the highest quality and look great on their own, you can prime and paint them with standard interior wall paint to match any room.

No, but they are meant to be easily removed and re-installed as needed

Larger windows may require two people for easy removal. To remove an Indow insert, gently pull the D-ring to break the Indow insert’s seal with the window frame. Then pull the edge of the Indow insert the rest of the way out while holding onto the opposite side of the Indow insert. Handle carefully to avoid scratching the acrylic.

We will not install our inserts inside sliding glass doors, nor are we able to install in screen porches as we need to adhere to an existing window frame. Plus, we do not recommend Indow inserts for Recreational Vehicles due to the flexing of the vehicles when they go over bumps, the inserts might come loose.

Yes. Our Alma’s Interior Solutions teams custom laser measures every window so the inserts fit precisely, regardless of window size.

Window mold is typically caused by window condensation, which happens when moist air comes into contact with a colder surface, such as a window. Indow inserts help prevent window condensation as it acts as a barrier between the warm home air and the cold outer windowpane.

I have oddly-shaped windows, can I still do Indow inserts? Yes. Our Alma’s Interior Solutions teams custom laser measures every window so the inserts fit precisely, regardless of window size or shape.


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